11. Performance Reihe Neu-Oerlikon 2020 goes Basel

SCHIRME über dem HIMMEL [Umbrellas over the Sky]

Performances, video performances and curators talk by artists and curators from Spain, Mexico and Switzerland.

The 11th PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON which takes place on 29 August 2020, should also this year be attended by artists from Mexico, Spain and Switzerland. Some of them would also be part of “Schirme über dem Himmel“ at Kaskadenkondensator, in Basel and would show solo performances.
Analia Beltran i Janés, performance artist and curator, initiator of Pequeño Evento de Performance Art (PEPA), from Madrid has been invited, as well as Francisco Brives and Néstor Prieto, co-directors of Arthouse Madrid, who will share their activities and experiences. In addition, Pancho Lopez -one of the initiators of PerfoREDmx- was also invited to select some video-performances, which were created in collaboration with PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON, among other institutions and networks in Latin America and Spain.

Since the pandemic did not allow us to realise the intended programming, we decided to broadcast the Curators Talk with live streaming. We have presented the video performances on screens, which were also shown throughout the festival.

SCHIRME über dem HIMMEL – [Umbrellas over the Sky] at Kaskadenkondensator were organised by Maricruz Peñaloza, Markus Goessi and Gisela Hochuli.

Live Performances with: Dawn Nilo, Pável Aguilar, Nadine Seeger, Maricruz Peñaloza, Gisela Hochuli, Ilmãrs Šterns, Künstlerinnenkollektiv marsie, Iris Ganz, Markus Goessi, Saskia Edens

Video-performances from the serie #Confinamiento by: Diana Soria (MX/FI), Doris Steinbichler (AT/MX) , Alba Soto (ES), Shiri Yungchen (MX), Michael Allen (HN), Fina Ferrara (MX), Isabel León & Llorch Talavera (ES), Kiyo Gutiérrez (MX), Markus Goessi (CH),  Quintín Rivera Toro (PR), Beltrán & Déniz (ES)

Curators Talk with Analía Beltrán Pequeño Evento de Performance Art (PEPA). Madrid/ES as well with: Francisco Brives and Nestor Prieto, curators and co-directors from House Spain (Museo La Neomudejar, the Karstica Residence, and Zapadores Ciudad del Arte). Madrid/ES

Video and photo documentation: Nadine Seeger, Sandra de los Santos, Urs Schmid, Pavel Aguilar, Maricruz Peñaloza.









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