Pictures 2022

Window of FAME, Zürich: FLANISHING WITH FREEDOM –  Sound Installation. Image credits Maricruz Peñaloza

Irena Kulka – Zurich „The Conquest of the  World”. Image Credits: Markus Goessi.

Mirko Kircher & Ilmārs Šterns Bern- “Meeting of Two”. Image Credits: Markus Goessi.

Monica Germann – Zurich  Moni singt”. Image Credits: Markus Goessi.

ALMA – Lucern / Zurich “Potpourri/Medley”. Image Credits: Markus Goessi.

 Maja Zecó – SCT/BIH “In Search of the Sun”. Image Credits: Markus Goessi.

 Claudia Bucher – Lucern “10 Stones”. Image Credits: Markus Goessi.

Natalie Peters & Yara Li Mennel – Locarno “SonataS(t)onata or the Poetic Bouquet“. Image Credits: Markus Goessi.

  Heike Fiedler – Geneva “red prints on black letters”. Image Credits: Markus Goess

  Heike Fiedler – Geneva “red prints on black letters”. Credits: Markus Goess, Pascal Lampert, Heike Fiedler.

  Ishita Chakraborty -Zurich/India  “The Soil we were born”. Image Credits: Markus Goessi,

Benjamin Sunarjo – Biel “Superposition”. Image Credits: Markus Goessi

Impressions of the days. Image Credits: Markus Goessi, Maricruz Peñaloza

Die 13. PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON 2022 was kindly supported by:

Stiftung Anne-Marie Schindler, Stiftung Erna und Curt Burgauer, Kanton Zürich. Fachstelle Kultur, Prohelvetia, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Fondation Oertli Stiftung, Temperatur Stiftung. Für Window of Fame: Migros Kulturprozent.


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