10.Performance Reihe Neu-Oerlikon-EN

The Oerlikerpark will for the 10th time serve as an artist platform for the PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON under the artistic direction of Maricruz Peñaloza.

The PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON celebrates its 10th anniversary this year as one of the sustainable festivals for performance art in public space in the city of Zurich. Therefore we want to celebrate with various events, performances, artists talks and performance workshops. These take place in Neu- and Alt-Oerlikon as well as in the Foyer of the Gessnerallee. A special invitation goes to The Gathering. The Gathering is initiated by Gisela Hochuli and Dominik Lipp. In different constellations up to 20 artists perform together (Open Source Performance) during several hours in public space. There is an open call for everyone who wants to participate.

The PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON has established itself over the past 10 years as an event in the city of Zurich. During this time, Neu-Oerlikon and Oerlikerpark have shown themselves to be a place of exchange and continuous movement, but also a place of debate for artists and performance art. Until last year Oerlikerpark served as the only place and platform for the almost 150 artists from Switzerland, Spain, Ghana, Mexico, France, USA, Germany and Great Britain who have performed and will perform in these 10 years.

This year both parts of Oerlikon will connect: „Alt-Oerlikon“ and „Neu-Oerlikon“.

In traditional cities, the public space is the one that gives the city identity and character, that enables it to recognize it and to live in its urban places: natural, cultural and cultural-historical. It is the place that preserves the memory of its inhabitants in their natural, cultural and cultural spaces. We will deal with it and track down these questions while walking between the two places. This ‚extension‘ of the spatial components should be interpreted as a metaphor to connect both parts of Oerlikon. The attention is focused on both spaces. We will walk anew into the old part of Oerlikon and vice versa and explore these spaces and perceive them together with the artists.

This year’s PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON will again deal with many questions, with a special focus on the cultural-political question of acting in public space. Questions of gender, power and politics, sexual and cultural identity as well as inclusive and egalitarian society. Experiencing the public space through performance art means an exchange, an exchange of experiences and access to this art genre. The public space goes far beyond aesthetics, it is a political space that gives a sense of identity and belonging to its inhabitants and means an urban culture. Hanna Arendt said that the public space is not an abstract space; the public space is the place for juxtaposition to pose questions to the political community. The Oerlikerpark and the PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON form a platform for political discourse and raise the cultural-political question of temporary (artistic) approaches and interventions in public space for debate.

This year we also have a collaboration with la_capsula.com – an experimental curatorial platform.  

The 10th PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU OERLIKON 2019 is primarily aimed at an audience interested in art and culture, the residential and working population of Oerlikon, as well as guests and visitors from other parts of the city and the country.

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